The face is a reflection of one's inner health. Keeping this in mind, Zydus Wellness Ltd. introduced a range of specialty skincare products under the brand name of Everyuth Naturals. These skincare products have been designed to work from within the skin to reflect a clear, beautiful & healthy skin outside.

While having the advantage of being a 'skincare brand from a healthcare company', Everyuth Naturals has always come up with products that are designed keeping in mind the different needs and skin types of women. These products are fortified with the power of natural ingredients that are known for their efficacy and skin nourishing properties. As a result, the brand promises nature's goodness along with the benefits of proven scientific research.

Today, Everyuth Naturals has a strong leadership presence in advanced skincare segments like soap-free face wash, face masks, skin exfoliators amongst others. It also includes specialty dermatologically tested skincare solutions for sun protection, pigmentation and acne. ( www.everyuth.com )

Everyuth has recently forayed into the market of male skincare with the launch EverYuth Menz. With this new range, the brand has filled the vacuum of a basic skin care range for men in the Indian market. In a first of its kind, Everyuth has launched the first scrub for males in India. EverYuth Menz is Indiaís first comprehensive skincare range designed keeping in mind a manís rigorous lifestyle and his specific needs. ( www.everyuthmenz.com )

We are present in the following categories:

Face wash
Facial Masks (peel off, packs)
Sun blocks
Winter care - (body lotion and cream)
Cleanser and Toner
Men skin care - (face washes, sun block, moisturizer, & scrub)


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