A unique combination of taste and Health, with the promise of good health

Living a healthy life is pivotal in the today’s world. Regular physical exercise and healthy food are important for maintaining good health. Because of fast-paced hectic lifestyle, many Indians find it difficult to devote time for regular physical exercise and hence they turn towards healthier food.

Indians are foodie and hence they look for not only healthy but healthy & tasty food.

Nutralite understand this consumer need and hence it has been at the forefront since 2006 to provide India with a healthy-yet-tasty experience through its Table Spread, Mayonnaise and Choco Spread Range.

Range of Products

Keeping in line with the idea of promising health, Zydus wellness offers Nutralite Table Spread, Mayonnaise & Choco Spread. Nutralite is a premium spread which is cholesterol free and contains Omega 3. Its also has no Trans fat and Rich in Vitamins. So while Nutralite tastes like butter, all of these advantages makes it a healthier alternative to butter.

With Nutralite Mayo, transform your simple dishes into a Healthy & tasty delicacies. Its time to make your food healthylicious!

Nutralite offers a unique Combination of taste and health! Now your family can indulge in its good taste, while you can provide them with the promise of good health.

Nutralite brings you the healthier Choco Spread, which provides wholesome nourishment for your growing kids. At the same time, it also keeps their favorite snacks tasty and yummy!

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